4everDry - Perfect

The ideal solution against moisture in the house.

  • Improved and reliable drainage process
  • Easy as well as fast and safe effect
  • Long durability for permanently dry walls

Only € 10,98

What is 4everDry®- Perfect?

4everDry® - Perfect is is an injection product that can be introduced into the masonry without pressure or by means of a low-pressure process. The hydrophobic (water-repellent) effect seals the wall permanently against capillary moisture.

When will everDry® - Perfect be used?

4everDry® - Perfect is used to block ingress moisture, specially designed to seal a building from the inside.

Who can use everDry® - Perfect ?

4everDry® - Perfect is used by craftsmen as well as homeowners and property managers. Craftsmen appreciate the reliability and quality of 4everDry®. Our explanatory videos convey the simple procedure and handling of the procedure. Constant wetness damage simply leads to building damage and loss of value. The 4everDry® technology is an interesting draining method because it is a cost-effective and permanently safe procedure.

How is everDry® - Perfect applied?


4everDry® - Perfect 500ml

  • Suitable for all mineral building materials
  • Horizantal and crosswise-moisture
  • Facade impregnation
  • Impregnating staircase, pavement and sidewalks
  • Breathable

Only € 10,98